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14/02/2020 by Paragon Luxury Villas

Booking your holiday

Who is my contract with Paragon Luxury Villas LTD or the property owner/supplier/principal?

For all ‘accommodation only’ bookings, your contract will be with the owner/supplier/principal of the property. When making your booking we will arrange for you to enter into a contract with the property owner/supplier/principal. Your booking with us is subject to agency terms and conditions and the specific booking conditions of the owner you contract with. Property specific terms and conditions for each owner are listed under each relevant property advert/Page. By booking a Property you agree to those terms and conditions.

Do the owners live on-site?

Occasionally. If they do, it is usually in separate quarters on the same estate. Wherever they live, you will be free to enjoy the property and grounds as if they were your own – even if it’s a 16th-century chateau! Owners are normally delighted to welcome you to the property, show you around and point you in the direction of the local attractions. If you’d like to find out if the owner lives on-site, just ask us at the time of booking.

Will the owners or local managers speak English?

Not always (although, many will speak some English). If you require further information get in touch with our team.

How far away is the nearest airport or train station?

Just click on the ‘Location’ tab on the property that’s caught your eye – all the information you need should be there. If in doubt, get in touch with our knowledgeable team and they’ll point you in the right direction.

Will there be information in the villa about local amenities and things to do see and do? 

Not always, so it’s best to do some local research before you head off on your holiday. But we can also help point you in the right direction, just get in touch with our team and they’ll do their best to sort out some fun activities.

What are the local activities?

If you have a specific interest (such as hiking, wine tasting or even skiing, off-piste areas, Snowboarding, Heli-Skiing or Spas, Ice skating, Cinema or even Ski-in/Ski-out!) you can check with our team availability in the area surrounding your booking – while in most villas pages we may include such information and if yet if you don’t find any information, feel free to ask. We are happy to offer some tips and suggestions about local attractions and activities.

Can I organise a party or special event at my villa?

All of our properties are entirely different, some owners will be totally on board and others won’t. For the specifics please check the ‘Events’ tab as well as the terms and conditions of your chosen property.

We want to organise a birthday surprise; can you help us organise this?

Your wish is our command. We can help make your ideas come to life or we can come up with some suggestions, such as pampering (massages, manicures etc), tours, or any other local activities. For details, kindly get in touch soon!

Can catering be organised?

Should you want catering for your party (either for a special evening or throughout your stay) this can usually be arranged. Many of our properties can provide three prepared meals daily, while others might offer a welcome dinner on the first night or the option to hire a chef for the duration of your holiday.

Can we get married at on of your properties?

Yes! We’ve got a whole section on the site dedicated to properties where you can tie the knot. You may be able to get married at other properties too, so if you fall in love with a place and have your heart set on getting married there, let us know. If you need a hand planning for a wedding abroad, we also can arrange a dedicated wedding consultancy service.

Can food or drink be delivered?

If you think you’ll be turning up late on your first night, or you just don’t fancy trekking to the supermarket the moment you arrive, we may be able to arrange a welcome basket with the owner. For more information email our dedicated team on

What is the change-over-day and what are usual check-in/check-out hours? Is this flexible?

It’s normally Saturday in the peak season but very occasionally it will fall on Friday & Sunday. Change-over days tend to be fixed during school holidays and summer months, but you may find owners are more flexible in the quieter seasons.  Check-in is usually from 4 pm and you can check-out by 10 am on the day of departure – please note, some owners apply charges outside of these hours. You can always find precise information regarding your arrival and departure in the terms and conditions section on each individual property page or by simply asking us prior to making the booking (if we have not mentioned on the relevant pages). Early arrivals and late departures will be accommodated where possible only if there is no back-to-back booking in the property on that day and must be agreed in writing prior to arrival.

Unless otherwise agreed, if you do not respect the Check-in/check-out times, we reserve the right to withhold your security deposit and charge an amount to it equal to one day of extra rental pro-rata.

Why don’t you give out property addresses?

For security reasons, we don’t publicise the exact address details of any of our properties. What we do show is the nearest village or town so that you can start thinking about travel arrangements and hunting out amazing things to do nearby. Once we’ve confirmed your booking with the owner, we will send you the full street address. But it’s probably best to wait until then before committing to any flight or travel arrangements.

Why is the name different to the property’s real name?

Sometimes, to keep the property’s address private we have to change the name as well. We try to choose names that reflect the property’s history, character, Location and setting so that you can still get a good idea of its style and story. Once we’ve confirmed your booking, we’ll send you the property’s real name and full address.

Can I organise a party or a special event at my villa?

All of our properties are entirely different, some owners will be totally on board and others won’t. For the specifics please check the ‘Events’ tab as well as the terms and conditions of your chosen property.

What size are the beds in the Villas and properties?

They vary, but as all of our properties are chosen for their style and comfort so catching zees shouldn’t be a problem wherever you stay.

Paying for your holiday

What payment methods do you accept?

Payments can be made online or over the phone using either a credit or debit card. Our office hours are 8.30am – 7.00pm Monday – Friday & 10am – 2pm on Saturdays (winter months only). We close at 5.40 pm on Fridays throughout the summer months. We are closed on Sundays.

If you would like to pay via bank transfer you can use the account details below, quoting your booking reference.

  • Account name:
  • Address:
  • Account number:
  • Sort code:
  • BAN:

If you’re making a transfer from a non-UK account please ensure you pay both the beneficiary and payee charges.

You can also pay securely online. You will need your booking reference, postcode, and surname of the lead party.

Is there a charge for using a credit card?

We accept Visa or Mastercard and there is no charge for personal accounts. We cannot process AMEX payments.

What deposit is needed to secure the holiday?

If you would like to book we require a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the holiday cost. If you book a nanny and/or ski school, private ski lessons in advance depending on the destination you require to pay in advance a deposit.

When do I have to pay my holiday in full?

Please see our terms and conditions and Select the correct destination Tab.

Amending your holiday

Can I make changes to the booking?

Please see our terms and conditions and Select the correct destination Tab.

Cancelling your holiday

I need to cancel my holiday, how do I proceed?

Cancellations must be notified to us in writing by the Party Leader and will only be effective when we receive the written notice of cancellation at our offices. Please see our terms and conditions and Select the correct destination Tab.

The final price is slightly different from the one I was quoted. Why is this?

Don’t worry – it’s all to do with the exchange rate. The price may change because the owners/Suppliers of your property charge in Euros or Swiss Francs and the exchange rate has fluctuated slightly since you paid your deposit. This has affected the final balance by a small amount.  The rate can go up or down, so fingers crossed your final bill is a little bit less than we originally quoted. If you wish to fix the price, simply pay for your booking in full at the deposit stage. Please see our terms and conditions and Select the correct destination Tab.

Why am I being asked to pay a security deposit?

Just in case you do a Keith Richards and start throwing tellies out the window! As long as you leave the place clean, tidy and in the same condition as the beginning of your stay, the property owner or Us/Principal/Supplier will return your security deposit shortly after your holiday is over. Please see our terms and conditions and Select the correct destination Tab.

How do I pay the security deposit?

By confirming a booking, you authorize us to charge your credit card up to the value of any damage caused on the presentation of photographic evidence and/or receipts for repair or replacement. Some owners require their security deposit to be paid locally or in advance of arrival (you will be notified if this is the case). Please see our terms and conditions and Select the correct destination Tab.

Why am I charged in British Pounds when the property is priced in Euros?

Some Local suppliers (overseas) and owners deal in Euros or Swiss Francs. Because we are a UK-based company, we convert prices into Pound Sterling (GBP). Please note that the price for many of our Properties calculated and quoted in Euros (unless stated otherwise) and that both the deposit and balance amounts shown during the booking process represent the sterling equivalents. Therefore, while the deposit amount is the actual amount you will be charged, the balance amount in sterling is only a guide and will vary upwards or downwards in line with exchange rate fluctuations between the date of booking and the balance due date. 

How does the exchange rate work?

Exchange rates fluctuate all the time. In order to minimise any impact to you, we use the most competitive rates available, which are typically better than you would receive directly from your bank.

Do you recommend a good insurance policy?

From personal experience, we’d recommend heading to Just Travel Cover. It’s easy to use and you’ll have a great deal in a jiffy.

Are there any additional costs?

When you book with us  we send you a confirmation of the cost. That is all you’ll be asked to pay. The only exception to this is either:

– Where your property is charged in Euros or Swiss Francs and there’s been a fluctuation in the exchange rate

– Or the property Supplier/owner asks for a security deposit (which you’ll get back at the end of your stay)

– Please note you may also be charged to use heated swimming pools, energy costs and for end of stay cleaning. Do read the terms and conditions of your chosen property very carefully to avoid any surprises!

Many properties will also offer a range of extras, from catering to guided tours, and there may be charges for these. But it’s important to stress these are optional extras. Please see our terms and conditions and Select the correct destination Tab.

Does the price include VAT?

VAT where applicable is included in all our quoted prices unless stated otherwise.

Families with children

Is the property suitable for children?

90% of our customers are families or groups of families, so the vast majority of our properties are child friendly. If there’s anything about a Property or Ski chalet that we feel isn’t particularly suited to kids (‘Babies & Toddlers’ or ‘Kids & Teens’.), we’ll let you know at the time of enquiry – but if you’re not sure about something, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team who can answer all your questions.

Are children included in the capacity?

In short, yes. Some owners make an exception for babies and children up to the age of two, though. If you want to find out more about a specific property, get in touch with our team.

What equipment can you provide for children and infants?

Usually included in the infant price are cots, highchairs and linen, however this can vary from Property to property. You can pre-order child equipment to be in your chalet ready for when you arrive. If you need any of the following, please let us know: Changing mats, Potties, Bed guards, Toilet steps, Toilet seats, Sterilisers, or please ask for anything extra.

Are the cots and high chairs available?

Usually – some even have beds especially for small kids too. To find out more simply visit each individual property page or get in touch with our team. Remember properties may have a limited number of High chairs and cots –E.g. if you have 4 infants in your group, please don’t assume the property has 4 High chairs and 4 baby cots, it may have a maximum of 2 of each items, if you need all of them, it is best to check with our team if the property can provide all those item numbers and make right holiday adjustments.

Special dietary requirements for my infant?

Yes, please remember to let us know if your child has any dietary requirements.

What time is kids tea served at ski chalets?

Usually the Property hosts serve high tea for children at 6pm but this could change from one chalet to another (Ski chalets). We require all children under 12 to take high tea unless you book the whole chalet, in which case children can opt to join parents at dinner with the main menu. (Applies only to ski chalet rentals)

6 pm is too late for my child to eat dinner, can it be served earlier in the luxury ?

Absolutely Yes, just let us know your preferred time for your children’s dinner prior to departure and we can add this request to your booking. You can also let the chalet host know this information on arrival. Please note this is only possible if you have sole occupancy of the chalet. (Applies only to ski chalet rentals). 

I haven’t booked the nanny service but can I still book the babysitting service?

Yes, this can be arranged and is charged at the rate of an hour, payable in resort. However, on the dates when our Private Nanny Service is fully booked, we cannot guarantee your babysitter will be a fully qualified childcare professional. Whether you’re looking for a live-in nanny or just someone to help for a few hours we can take care of your needs.

Will the pool and other relaxing areas be safe for Children?

The direct, visual, and active supervision of children present in the wellness area by an adult is essential and under your sole responsibility. The swimming pool, hot tub etc. located in the Property do not comprise an alarm system, safety nets, or other safety measures designed to prevent the risk of drowning. To ensure the safety of children, the following precautions must be taken, in particular:

(i) Never leave young children alone near the swimming pool or hot tub;

(ii) Never leave a child alone in the water, even if they know how to swim, or in a hamman, steam room, sauna etc. They must always be under the supervision of an adult capable of saving them in the event of an accident;

(iii) Never leave toys or other items floating on the water; they may encourage children to approach the water; and

(iv) Always fit inflatable armbands or floating costumes on young children. 

In Property

We would like to eat dinner earlier than 8pm, is this possible?

Yes, if you have booked the Full chalet on exclusive basis you can certainly eat at an earlier time, please let us know prior to departure and we can add this request to your booking. You can also let the chalet host know this information on arrival. (Applies only to ski chalet rentals)

I have a dietary requirement, can you cater for me?

While we understand a holiday can sometimes be demanding particularly if you or one of your family has food allergies or special dietary requirements. Our mission is simple; to make your holiday as enjoyable as possible. Whilst the menu is planned, it is still flexible to make small changes; we will do our best to accommodate preferences and requests. Regrettably, most ski resorts simply do not offer the vast variety of Lactose, Gluten or Dairy free products available in the British supermarkets. Yet, if you have any food intolerances, food allergies or special dietary requests, we will do our utmost best to plan the menu to suit your needs. In order to plan the menu and source relevant ingredients it is important that you advise us at the time of booking (or at least three weeks before you depart for your holiday). If you have any questions or concerns, we would be happy to speak to the chef personally to ensure they can deliver a chalet holiday not to forget.

What will the Weather conditions be like?

We can never be too sure what the weather will be, especially with the changes happening in the climate. All our resorts are high altitude, and should the snow be a little sparse, snow cannons ensure there will be plenty of piste to ski. Check out our Snow forecasts here to keep updated.

Are there Hairdryers in the Villas and Ski chalets?

Not All properties have hairdryers, please check with our team prior to booking. Most Ski chalets supply hairdryers in their properties, however if you have your own that you particularly like you are more than welcome to bring it.

Are there towels and bathrobes in the Villa/chalet?

We usually show such information on each property page and we tick them as “Essentials”, but at times it is possible the property at the time of listing did not included towels, bathrobes in the price and later decide to add them. Always double check with our team, who is happy to assist you. In Ski chalets, Yes, hand and bath towels are provided and there is a mid-week towel change too. Bathrobes are available on request in most properties, please inform us prior to travel or on arrival with your chalet host.

 Do I need to take my own toiletries?

Complimentary toiletries (shower gel, shampoo and body lotion) are provided in the chalets but we recommend taking your own preferred toiletries.

Is there Wi-Fi in the Villa or chalet?

Yes, Wi-Fi is available in all our chalets, the chalet host will provide you with the code on arrival. Please note whilst the signal is strong in living rooms it can vary in the bedrooms. Remember if there is no Wi-Fi facility available we will let you know at the time of enquiring a specific property.

Will there be a safe in my room?

We are sorry, But not all Villas have a Safe, while that said, we do have more than 90% of our properties with Safe or safety deposit box in the Property. While majority of our Ski chalets provided safe in the property. If you have any queries regarding security please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do the Property have air conditioning/ heating?

Almost all our villas have air conditioning. Chateaux and traditional villas tend to be more old-fashioned about climate control and rely on thick stone walls to keep things cool. If air conditioning is a must-have, all you need to do is ASK OUR TEAM at the time of ENQUIRY to only offer such options and also refer to ‘Property Facilities’, we’ll make sure we only offer you properties that really allow you to chill out!

Almost all our Ski chalets have heating, if you still want to be sure, all you need to do is check with our team before you book your Ski chalet.

Can I bring my pet in the Villa or in a Ski chalet?

Most if not all Property owners would rather you didn’t -bringing your pet also means there will be No refunds on your security deposits. That said, although sometimes pets are allowed, they are sometimes (usually) on request only and subject to the owner’s prior agreement. It’s also worth noting that sometimes a supplement applies, so be sure just get in touch with our team.

Warning!!!- No animals are allowed in the Properties without prior written consent from owners, Principal or Supplier. It should also be noted that in a number of our properties, animals are prohibited altogether. An increased damage deposit of and a one-off cleaning charge will be required as part of this consent. If during the stay, damage is caused by the animal, we reserve the right to ban the animal from the property. If you are found to have an animal in the Property without prior consent in writing from Owner, Principal, Suppliers or Us, the staff will have the right to evict all occupants from the property without refund.

Can I smoke in the Villa or in the Ski chalets?

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all Our villas, Properties and Ski chalets on this website. Paragon Luxury Villas Ltd, suppliers, Principals, and the Owner reserve the right to remove any group breaking this condition from the property without refund. In the event that smoking has occurred within the property or ski chalet, an additional cleaning charge of CHF 500 or equivalent will be payable to immediately.

Removal of Ashes from the fireplace

Due to the inherent fire hazards, it is strictly forbidden for any guests who use the ski chalet to remove ashes from the fireplace. This task will be undertaken by staff of the Ski chalets or contracted housekeeping staff only.


Can you organise car transfers? 

We can organise this once your booking has been confirmed. For costs and details, kindly check with us prior to your booking or at the time of your balance payments.  For Some Ski chalet Holidays Chalets owners included free transfers on the rental rates, You can see this information on each property page. For costs and details, kindly contact us. Prices and Vehicles used depends on the size of your group, while coaches are for larger groups from 20 Plus.


Any transport offered vehicles during your stay is accepted at your own risk. We will not transport children under the age of 12 unless accompanied by an adult or guardian from the party.

Are car seats provided on coach transfers?

Unfortunately, baby seats are not available on most of the coach transfers. However, car seats are available on private taxi transfers and can be pre-booked for a supplement. Please ask our team at the time of enquiry and prior to confirming your booking.

Are car seats provided in resort vehicles?

Usually Yes, car seats are provided in all chalet chauffeur vehicles, But this could change one chalet to another. it is wise to check at the time of booking. (Applies only to ski chalet rentals)

Before you travel


It is your responsibility to comply with the local laws relating to visas and authorisations for the country in which the Property is situated. Please contact your local office for foreign travel and passports to enquire about passport, visa, and health requirements for the country in which the Property is situated.

 I’ve lost my passport; can I still travel?

No, all flights require a passport valid for 6 months to travel. If you lose your passport you must try and obtain a new or emergency passport prior to travel.

When do I provide all the names and ages for my group?

Please provide the names and ages of your group as soon as possible, without this information you will not be able to travel and could incur a 100% cancellation fee as per our terms and conditions.

Can you organise flights?

Sorry, we do not arrange Air travels.

Are we ATOL bonded?

ATOL bonding relates exclusively to package holidays (accommodation with flights, car hire etc). We offer ‘accommodation only’ so an ATOL bond requirement does not apply.