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Villas in Lake Como and Maggiore – North Italian Lakes

17/10/2023 by Paragon Luxury Villas

A selection of Luxury Villas & accommodation in Lake Como & Lake Maggiore.

Where is Lake Como?

Shaped like an upside-down Y, situated in the Northern region of Lombardy, just a few minutes from the border of Switzerland and less than a two-hour drive from Milan

Lake Como: Where Glamour Meets Timeless Elegance

Lake Como, with its deep blue waters and picturesque vistas, has been a symbol of elegance for centuries. However, its allure reached new heights in the 21st century, becoming synonymous with glamour and opulence. One of the driving forces behind this reputation is the presence of Hollywood icon George Clooney. Nearly two decades ago, Clooney acquired a lakeside villa here, bringing not just his celebrity status but also an air of sophistication to the region.

Accompanied by his A-list companions, including Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, and Matt Damon, Clooney added to the lake’s allure with their frequent visits. Their comings and goings created an aura of mystique and enhanced the lake’s timeless charm. Yet, beyond the glitz and glamour, Lake Como boasts a rich history that predates the latest iteration of celebrity sojourns. Its cultural significance and natural beauty have captivated visitors for generations, making it a destination where history seamlessly blends with contemporary allure.

Explore the enchanting beauty and rich heritage of Lake Como, where the echoes of the past harmonize with the whispers of modern luxury.

(Photo Credit : AlKalenski)

Lake Maggiore: Italy’s Enchanting Waterway

While celebrity fame often surrounds its next-door neighbour, Lake Como, Lake Maggiore has charmed notable figures from Queen Victoria to Winston Churchill. Verbania, a renowned summer resort on Lake Maggiore, has a rich history of drawing in visitors.

Lake Maggiore, the second-largest lake in Italy, meanders from the Alps to the Mediterranean plains along its southern shore, extending beyond the Swiss border. Its expansive waterscapes offer a variety of landscapes, perfect for enthusiastic walkers. From the meticulously crafted palazzo gardens of the Borromean Islands to wild and rugged wilderness areas, the ever-changing terrains provide an ideal backdrop for exploration.

Explore the diverse charm of Lake Maggiore, where natural beauty and scenic vistas await every adventurer. Discover enchanting gardens, picturesque islands, and captivating wilderness, making it an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts and explorers.

Stresa, situated on the north-westerly shore, serves as an excellent base for a holiday. This picturesque town has earned accolades as one of the most beautiful places in Italy. Its serene ambiance and easy access to ferries and trains make it an ideal starting point for exploring Lake Maggiore and Switzerland. Travellers visiting Stresa are captivated by the picturesque landscapes, from the beautiful lake to the surrounding mountains, as well as the enchanting Borromean Islands and the attractive gardens of the town.

(Photo Credit : maxmann)

The region’s varied micro-climates contribute to the cultivation of delightful ingredients, including lemons, olives, and alpine cheeses, enriching the local cuisine.

Explore the enchantment of Lake Maggiore, where natural beauty and culinary delights await.

Discover Exquisite Luxury Rentals in the Enchanting Lake Como Area

Our Lake Como villa rentals offer an array of luxurious lakeside vacation homes located near the enchanting town of Bellagio. This picturesque destination has captivated artists and writers for centuries, thanks to its scenic charm and timeless allure. Nestled amidst breathtaking views, a historic town center, and delightful cafés, restaurants, and shops, Bellagio provides the perfect base for exploring the myriad attractions of the Italian Lakes.

Explore our curated selection of Lake Como vacation rentals and immerse yourself in the elegance and beauty of Bellagio. Experience the epitome of luxury in our lakeside villas, each designed for comfort and indulgence. Wake up to stunning views, indulge in the town’s culinary delights, and unwind in the tranquil ambiance of this idyllic Italian retreat.

Our selection of beautiful villa rentals on Lake Como includes a magnificent villa near Tremezzo on the western side of the lake, as well as several stunning villas further north on the western shores of upper Lake Como.

Why Choose Our Lake Como Vacation Rentals?

  1. Exceptional Locations: Our villas are strategically located near popular towns and attractions, providing easy access to the best of Lake Como.
  2. Luxurious Accommodations: Experience the epitome of luxury in our well-appointed lakeside villas, ensuring a comfortable and indulgent stay.
  3. Breathtaking Views: Wake up to panoramic views of Lake Como and its surrounding mountains, creating a truly mesmerizing experience.
  4. Personalized Service: Our dedicated team is committed to making your stay unforgettable, offering personalized assistance and recommendations.
  5. Convenient Transport: Take advantage of our convenient location near Bellagio, a hub for ferry and hydrofoil services, making it easy to explore neighboring villages.

Book your Lake Como vacation with us and indulge in a holiday filled with beauty, tranquility, and unparalleled luxury. For inquiries and reservations, contact us today.

Lake Maggiore Villas: Your Gateway to Italian Elegance

Indulge in the splendour of Lake Maggiore by staying at our exquisite villas, where you can bask in the beauty of the majestic Italian Alps and the enchanting Borromean Islands. Alternatively, venture into the Swiss canton of Ticino for a truly international experience.

Discover the charm of the stunning resorts of Stresa and Baveno, where luxury meets serenity. To make your holiday truly memorable, reach out to our dedicated concierge team in advance. They can offer expert guidance and exciting holiday ideas tailored to your preferences.

Experience the allure of Lake Maggiore with our carefully curated villas, offering a blend of Italian sophistication and natural splendor. Your unforgettable Italian escape begins here.

For inquiries and reservations, contact our concierge team today.

Exploring Lake Maggiore and Lake Como: A Memorable Journey Awaits

When embarking on a trip to Lake Maggiore and Lake Como, there are countless captivating experiences awaiting you. Here’s a guide to some of the best activities to make your visit truly unforgettable.

(Photo Credit : Leglu)

Explore the Lakes: Begin your journey by immersing yourself in the mesmerizing waters of Lake Maggiore and Lake Como. These lakes boast breathtaking landscapes, from lush forests to snow-capped mountains. Consider taking a boat tour or renting a boat for a leisurely cruise. You can also enjoy the scenic route by ferry, offering glimpses of the most stunning scenery.

Take a Scenic Cruise: To fully appreciate the lakes’ beauty, embark on a scenic cruise. Choose from a variety of options, including day trips or multi-day tours. Explore the entire length of Lake Maggiore or opt for a shorter cruise around the lake. On Lake Como, a cruise to the picturesque town of Bellagio, known as the “Pearl of the Lake,” promises a memorable experience.

Visit Fascinating Museums: Immerse yourself in the cultural heritage of the region by visiting its intriguing museums. Lake Maggiore hosts the Museo dei Trasporti, chronicling the area’s transportation history. On Lake Como, the Museo delle Culture del Lago showcases artifacts and art from the region’s past, offering a fascinating glimpse into its cultural evolution.

Visit the Charming Villages: The lakes are surrounded by picturesque villages that beckon exploration. In Lake Maggiore, the quaint villages of Stresa and Baveno offer delightful restaurants and cafes with panoramic lake views. On Lake Como, the enchanting villages of Bellagio and Varenna provide a perfect backdrop for activities like wine tasting, shopping, and art gallery visits. The Villages captivate visitors with its timeless charm and scenic beauty.

Hike the Mountains: For outdoor enthusiasts, hiking amidst the stunning mountains and valleys surrounding the lakes is a must. Both Lake Maggiore and Lake Como offer a plethora of hiking trails catering to various skill levels. Whether you prefer an easy day hike or a challenging multi-day trek, the natural beauty of the area awaits your discovery.

Explore the Castles: The region is rich in historical treasures, including magnificent castles and fortresses. Explore the Borromeo Islands, home to three beautiful castles, with Isola Bella being a must-see attraction. Other notable castles include Castello di Angera, Castello di Arona, and Castello di Belgirate, each offering a glimpse into the area’s rich heritage.

Discover the Gardens: Indulge in relaxation by visiting the gardens surrounding the lakes. Lake Maggiore boasts the exotic flora of Villa Taranto’s gardens, while Lake Como offers the vibrant colors of Villa Carlotta’s botanical wonders. Don’t miss the terraces, fountains, and sculptures in the gardens of Villa d’Este for a truly enchanting experience.

Whether you seek outdoor adventures, cultural exploration, or moments of tranquil relaxation, Lake Maggiore and Lake Como have something to offer everyone. With their stunning landscapes, charming villages, captivating museums, and an array of outdoor activities, these lakes are bound to create cherished memories on your journey.

Diverse Lakeside Beaches

(Photo Credit : Tommy_Rau)

The size of the lakes in Italy offers a diverse range of weather conditions and beaches, varying from one end of a lake to another. For example, the northern reaches of Lake Garda are renowned for their reliable afternoon winds, making it a mecca for windsurfers worldwide. At the southern end, the wind subsides but is replaced by the lively atmosphere of Sirmione, a popular town with several beautiful beaches.

While some private beaches require payment for access, the majority are free and open to everyone, allowing you to choose your favourites. In many areas, grassy waterfronts replace traditional sandy beaches, providing a perfect solution for those who enjoy being by the water without the hassle of sand.

Popular Lakeside Beaches:

  • Spiaggia Sabbioni: Located near Riva del Garda, this beach features pleasant grassy and pebbly spots. Mornings here are ideal for sunbathing and swimming, while the afternoons are perfect for windsurfing and water sports when the town’s famous winds kick in.
  • Spiaggia Tifu: Situated near Limone sul Garda, this family-friendly beach offers safe waters for younger kids. The town’s numerous restaurants ensure you can always find a quick bite to eat.
  • Parco Baia delle Sirene: Open from April to September, this park is a favourite among families due to its calm waters and spacious green areas. It even has a kids’ club for parents seeking some quiet time.
  • Lido di Faggeto: Located in Faggeto Lario, this small beach can get busy in summer but is relatively relaxed at other times. Visitors can rent sunbeds, and the beach is well-served by bars, cafes, and restaurants.
  • Pognana Lario: A popular spot among locals, this beach offers substantial grassy shores and breathtaking views. Note that the walk down to the beach is long and involves many steps, making it unsuitable for young children.
  • Isolino: If you prefer a more secluded experience, Lake Maggiore’s Isolino beach provides a natural and wild environment, a departure from the more developed beaches.
  • Cannero: One of the two beaches in Piemonte awarded the prestigious Blue Flag accreditation, Cannero’s pebbly beach offers protection from local winds and features an excellent beach bar.

Activities in the Italian Lakes Region

Whether you enjoy sightseeing, relaxing on the beach, or seeking adrenaline-fueled adventures, the Italian Lakes region has something for everyone. Consider these activities:

  • Sirmione Castle: Take a step back in time at Sirmione Castle, a historical site with breathtaking views from the watchtowers.
  • Lake Cruises: Explore the lakes by taking a cruise or boat tour, passing by homes of famous residents like Richard Branson and George Clooney.
  • Lake Orta: Discover the beauty of Lake Orta, a smaller lake near Lake Maggiore, with a captivating island in the centre and a UNESCO World Heritage Site on its shores.
  • Outdoor Adventures: Explore the natural landscapes by mountain biking, hiking, or venturing into rugged canyons for thrilling activities.

Charming Towns and Villages

The Italian Lakes region is dotted with picturesque towns and villages, each offering a unique experience:

  • Varenna: Experience the charm of Lake Como in the quaint village of Varenna, with its small beach, colourful waterside buildings, and cobbled lanes, offering a relatively uncrowded atmosphere.
  • Como: Sitting on the Italo-Swiss border, Como boasts outdoor markets, bustling piazzas, and a cable car ride to enjoy panoramic views of the city.
  • Bellagio: Known as the ‘Pearl of Lake Como,’ Bellagio is famous for its villas overlooking the water and offers a blend of shops, restaurants, and beautiful cafes.
  • Malcesine: Nestled under Mount Baldo, Malcesine charms visitors with its spectacular backdrop, ideal for windsurfing enthusiasts, and serves as the departure point for the Baldo cable car offering diverse plant life and stunning views.
  • Stresa: Perched on the banks of Lake Maggiore, Stressa is a small town with a lakeside promenade, hosting an annual music festival and providing easy access to the Borromean Islands.
  • Cannobio: With a popular harbour and promenade, Cannobio offers a vibrant waterfront, winding streets, and numerous shopping opportunities, making it an ideal base for adventure sports enthusiasts.

Day-Tripping to Milan

Both Lake Maggiore and Lake Como are within day-tripping distance of Milan, a stylish and sophisticated city offering art, culture, and family-friendly activities.

Getting Around in the Italian Lakes Region

For enthusiasts of public transport, the Italian Lakes region offers a seamless network of ferries, buses, and trains, fulfilling your car-free holiday aspirations.

Flights The Italian Lakes region boasts seven major airports, strategically located to minimize transfer time. Milan Malpensa is particularly convenient for Lake Maggiore and certain parts of Lake Como. Orio al Serio Airport is the preferred choice for travelers heading to Como and Garda, while Brescia and Verona airports provide access to Lake Garda.

Car Rental Although car rental is an option, it’s not a necessity here. Traffic congestion during peak months can outweigh the benefits of driving. The excellent water transport system efficiently connects villages and towns around the lakes, making car rental a low priority for a family holiday.

Trains The Italian Lakes region offers picturesque train journeys, such as the Lago Maggiore Express, which seamlessly transitions travelers from the lakes to the mountains, offering breathtaking landscapes along the way. Trains also serve as a practical option for transferring from Milan airports if you opt not to rent a car.

Buses The region’s public transport system is highly organized, allowing visitors to plan their entire holiday around it. Buses are a preferred mode of transfer from airports to our villas on the Italian Lakes. Both traditional buses and minibusses operate from major airports, connecting passengers to either the lakes or nearby train stations to complete their journey.

Ferries Ferries and hydrofoil boats are the preferred means of transportation across all the Italian Lakes. These services are affordable and dependable, offering an excellent way to explore the surroundings. Cruises and tour boats are also popular, providing a leisurely way to travel between towns, especially for travelers keen on learning about the local area.

Bicycles Bicycles are a practical choice for short stretches of lakefront, with bike-friendly areas at all three lakes and along most of the waterfront. In less developed areas, some steeper hills might be encountered, so careful planning of your route is advisable.

Explore the Italian Lakes region effortlessly with these convenient and eco-friendly transportation options. Enjoy your travels!

When to Visit Lake Como: Unveiling Its Hidden Charms

Best Time to Visit the Italian Lakes Region

If you’re planning a trip to the Italian Lakes region, choosing the right time to go can significantly enhance your experience.

Summer (July and August):

  • Crowds & Temperatures: The summer months of July and August bring intense crowds and high temperatures. Milan residents flock to the lakes to escape the city heat, resulting in busy restaurants and roads.
  • Weather: Average high temperatures soar to 29ºC, providing warm and sunny days ideal for outdoor activities.

Spring (April to June):

  • Weather: Spring offers milder temperatures compared to summer, making it a comfortable time to explore. It’s also the driest season of the year, ensuring pleasant weather for outdoor adventures.
  • Crowds: While not as crowded as summer, popular attractions may have moderate crowds, especially in late spring.

Autumn (September to November):

  • Weather: Autumn sees a gradual decline in temperatures, and occasional showers become more likely. The heat of summer lingers into the early autumn months.
  • Crowds: Crowds diminish compared to the peak summer season, providing a more relaxed atmosphere for travelers.

Considering these factors, spring (April to June) emerges as an excellent time to visit. With pleasant weather, fewer crowds, and dry conditions, you can enjoy the beauty of the Italian Lakes region without the intense heat and congestion of the summer months. Whether you prefer exploring charming towns, relaxing on the lakeside beaches, or indulging in outdoor activities, spring offers an ideal balance for a memorable and enjoyable holiday experience.

Ready to explore Italian Lakes Region Villas? Contact us to plan your exclusive getaway today.

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